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Ray White International Dubai

Business Bay
Abraj Street
Blue Bay Tower; 4th Floor
800 RWI (794)

+971 4 363 1 999

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Thinking of Selling?

The Global Financial Crisis has had an effect on every type of market throughout the world and none more apparent than the real estate markets of the Middle East. But no market stays the same indefinitely and the Dubai property market is clearly showing the best set of conditions in nearly five years.

A significant decline in the amount of properties on the market for sale has created a situation where there is little choice for purchasers. At the same time significant interest rate falls since late 2011 have encouraged more buyers back into the market and this combination of lower numbers of properties for sale and an increased numbers of buyers have led to the best selling conditions in five years.

Will these conditions last forever? The answer has to be no as markets are always changing. Our very low interest environment will not stay with us forever and as the economy picks up we will see interest rates rise once again. We are also speak daily to potential sellers and there are a large number postponing the sale of their properties until early 2013 so we are likely to see an increased volume of properties for sale as we enter the new year.

So for those thinking of selling at present the current conditions are the best we have seen in five years and should be taken advantage of.

What our clients say about Ray White UAE

Peter advised “Excellent service. Very impressed. This is the best service I have ever had in real estate”

Grant advised “Everyone is just so on the ball. The operation is being lead by Shadi Kassab and he is coordinating it all for us. Shadi’s energy and his commitment is just amazing. It is all about procedures dotting I’s and crossing T’s. You have left no stone unturned”

15. Mr Mohamad said “I have been very happy with communication, Bassam and Faisal have been excellent, thanks. Always keeping me up to date everything is great. Steve is right up there with the best, 10 out of 10″

Mr Youngman advised “No complaints whatsoever, even if I don’t sell the property I will still be happy”

Khaled advised “Excellent thank you very happy with the service I am receiving”

Linda advised “Absolutely wonderful. I can’t fault the service at all. Kylie is doing a great job and keeping us informed either over phone or email. I appreciate you taking the time to call”

Mr Hayes said “Nothing to improve on everything is great”

Rosanna said “I find Huda more than professional, I love dealing with her, she is honest, upfront, easy to talk to and extremely professional. Thank you for taking the time to call”

Janet advised “I am particularly happy with both Patrice and Haytham”

16. Mary advised “Dennis is excellent thank you and the service is very good”

17. Janelle advised “Everything is great, Jamie is very enthusiastic, her feedback is good and she is responding to all queries and phone calls promptly. At a high level everything is fine, we have no concerns at all. Thanks Roy for following up it is good customer service from your company”

18. Omar advised “Yes I am very happy with Sultan and everything that is happening, all the
advertising and the amount of contact etc”

19. Gillian advised “I have been happy with the service Janet is providing”

20. Mr Cooper advised “I am very happy with Carolyn. I have known Carolyn for many years and she keeps in touch with me and keeps me up to date with every inspection and what sort of attitude the potential buyers have. Her service is excellent”

Kevin advised “Yes I am delighted with Desiree and the company, I am getting good feedback and seh seems to be applying herself to our property”

Heather advised “I am happy with Harry and the way he is keeping me up to date with what is going on”

David advised ” I consider the service provided by, and the professionalism, Glen, to be excellent”

Henry advised “Yes I am very happy with the service”

Donald advised “Glen has been terrific thank you”