Core Marketing Elements

 Our monthly surveys of over 4,500 sales in the past three years shows that 25% of buyers first learnt of the property from print media. Placement of ads in the newspaper is critical: first ads are first read and Ray White are positioned at the front of the real estate section.

The newspaper review: We advertise with the leading newspaper of the UAE ensuring easy access for local buyers.

The UAE Financial Review and The real estate section of the UAE leading newspapers: Advertising in national newspapers means we can reach large numbers of interstate buyers through one publication.

The GCC leading newspapers: With GCC buyers now an ever increasing component of the UAE market, this is the best print medium to position property in front of a large targeted audience of GCC buyers.

Access to over 500,000 local, national and international buyers through the comprehensive and innovative network of Ray White company websites.

Leading real estate portals in the region.

A premium listing package on these sites will ensure your property is always seen first above others.

This is generally where potential buyers first go to research and provides them access to valuable market information when making a decision.

The Ray White UAE is part of an exclusive network, channeling buyers to your property.

With over 1700 offices globally and with 9 locations across the Middle East and Northern Africa providing high profile and well positioned street front offices to capture buyer activity.With many buyers coming from the GCC and surrounding countries, our network provides buyers with the confidence of being able to deal with a local office. Buyer enquiries can be directed from any office in the network and often coordination of sales and purchases can be organized through the one company.

Our network gives us the ability to penetrate all aspects of national real estate through Rural, Commercial, Hotels, Project Marketing, Marine, Property Management and Wealth Creation divisions.

International: With a rapidly growing percentage of UAE sales being attributed to overseas parties, the international network is vital. The Ray White UAE has company owned offices and sales teams covering the core markets of Asia including China, Singapore, Indonesia and India, Australia and USA.

Over 5 million database within the whole RW network. The database consists of buyers and sellers sourced through our exclusive network of offices including New Projects, Marine, Hotels, Commercial and Industrial.

The size and breadth of our database provides you with a significant advantage when creating competition for your property.

eNewsletters and eBrochures are distributed to our extensive database on a weekly basis facilitated by our team of inhouse digital marketing professionals.

60% of internet users use video to help inform their purchasing decisions

Properties with videos have 400% greater click through

90% of visitors to a website click to play videos

Video allows for a wonderful buyer experience, essentially it can be seen as a 24/7 open house

Video is a core element to include in your marketing mix and will ensure you attract as much buyer enquiry as possible.

Can I sell my property without all of the marketing?
Yes you can but there is a price to pay. There are many, many properties for sale on the UAE market. This marketing campaign lifts your property out of the pack and takes it to a higher profile level attracting the maximum number of buyers and the competition at a premium price. It’s a small investment to achieve a maximum price in an acceptable time frame.
How can I be sure of personalised service?
Our property consultants are limited to the number of properties that they are able to market effectively at any one given time. We can assure you of the most professional and personalised service available in the real estate industry today, and we even back that up with a written service guarantee.
like the idea of selling at the RWI Selection but I will be away on holidays.
That is not a problem, particularly in these days of easy communication. We often sell properties for out of town owners and this has no effect. You enjoy your holiday, we do all the work.
Do I have to sell if I don’t get my price?
Of course not, you are in total control and make the final decision at which figure you decide to sell your property for.
Don’t have an expensive property. Is being a part of The RWI Selection within my budget?
The cost of property specific marketing such as newspaper advertisements and inclusions in the magazine are such that they can be tailored to suit any budget. We have properties ranging from $90,000 in value to multi million dollar properties and the individual marketing programs are based accordingly. Also, a no-cost advantage of listing in The RWI Selection is the immense publicity that comes with being a part of this high profile property program.